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XGR Technologies SnapShot® EMI shields are revolutionary, multi-cavity shields that solve many of the problems and challenges associated with today’s board level shielding technologies. Originally developed by W.L.Gore & Associates, XGR Technologies has acquired all assets related to the SnapShot® board level, EMI shielding business.

To facilitate the use of XGR™ SnapShot® EMI Shield on your products, we provide solder spheres in tape and reel for use during fabrication of your boards. Solder spheres packaged in this manner can be used on standard SMT.

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XGR technologies provide cutting-edge Snapshot EMI shielding solutions at board level that safeguard your electronics and critical systems. Our EMI shielding solutions are meticulously designed to counteract the disruptive effects of electromagnetic interference, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and peak performance for your devices. In the ever-evolving landscape of electronics, the need for effective EMI shielding technology has grown exponentially.

Snapshot EMI shielding solutions find applications across a wide spectrum of industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and beyond. Whether you're developing intricate communication networks or life-saving medical devices, our EMI shielding solutions ensure your technology performs optimally and without compromise. Collaborate with us to fortify your designs against EMI challenges, benefiting from unparalleled support and customized EMI shielding solutions.

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