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Custom EMI Shielding Solutions for Board level Applications

XGR Technologies provides innovative Snapshot® board-level shields, offering a comprehensive solution for your custom EMI shielding needs. XGR Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of Snapshot ® board-level EMI / RFI shields, which are specifically built to your specifications. These custom board-level shielding solutions are created using an advanced thermoforming process, which allows us to assure the fastest turnaround times on these board-level shields. Over the years, we have invested in automated manufacturing equipment, engineering expertise, and resources, which allow us to deliver custom board-level shields on time and in quality, which remains unmatched. While many board level shield companies offer “custom” designed EMI shields, none compare in the design freedom offered by SnapShot board level shielding.

SnapShot custom board level shields are manufactured by thermoforming a flat sheet of a metalized engineered polymer. By utilizing a thermoforming process, XGR is capable of producing custom EMI shields in virtually any shape to accommodate the customer’s board layout.

The process starts with an XGR engineer partnering with the customer to create a 3D model of the required EMI RF shield. Once this 3D model is created, it is incorporated into the customer’s design files in order to confirm there are no points of interference in the X, Y, and Z directions.

XGR then takes the 3D model of the shield and creates a machined metal mold for manufacturing the custom designed EMI shield for each unique customer application.

With this technology, XGR is able to provide custom EMI shielding that maximizes the efficiency of board space utilization. For example, XGR designed a round, multi-cavity shield to maximize board space utilization in a round, GPS consumer watch. Why would you try and fit a square or rectangle shield onto a round PCB? With SnapShot custom board level shields, you don’t have to.

See our gallery for some examples of where XGR customers have taken full advantage of our custom EMI shielding design capability.

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