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SnapShot® EMI Shields for Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an essential tool in everyday life and the functionality continues to increase. Essentially all mobile phones come with the capability of 5G cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth at a minimum. For all of this wireless connectivity to function properly, the transmit and receive circuits must not be disrupted by electronic noise or electromagnetic interference, commonly referred to as EMI.

In order to mitigate the EMI generated by all of the electrical circuitry and processing within the mobile phone, EMI shielding must be integrated. The challenge is fitting the EMI shielding into such a small and thin device. SnapShot® board level shielding is the lowest profile board level shielding technology available on the market. This is enabled by the non-conductive inner surface of the shield, which allows the shield to literally touch down on the components with no fear of shorting.

Also, SnapShot EMI shields have a true multi-cavity capability, which can save over 50% in trace width requirements. In a device as small and complex as a mobile phone, the ability to shield multiple circuits with a single shield saves significant board space and allows the engineer to optimize the design.

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