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SnapShot® EMI Shields for Industrial Handhelds

The number of items being tracked in warehouses, the number of packages being delivered, the number of venue tickets being scanned, Items being tracked in warehouses, packages being processed in shipping centers, packages being delivered, venue tickets being scanned, patient wristbands and medications are just some of the examples of where industrial handheld scanners and computers are being used. With all of these activities increasing, the need for industrial handhelds has grown tremendously in number and scope over the past two decades with no sign of slowing.

Industrial Handhelds

An industrial handheld scanner or computer is a wireless device that is scanning information and transmitting that information to a central location for processing and storage. To ensure this wireless transfer of information is reliable and accurate, board level EMI shielding is essential to prevent interference from disrupting the wireless signal.

There are several key factors in selectin a board level EMI shield for an industrial handheld. The shield must be durable to withstand the rugged environment which could include multiple drops from high heights, vibration from being nearly constant movement, and thermally stable due to exposure to temperature swings. Also, given these devices are “handheld”, a lightweight EMI shield and low-profile EMI shield are critical to reduce size and weight of the overall device.

SnapShot® board level EMI shields by XGR Technologies have a proven track record of success for over 20 years in meeting and outperforming other shield technologies in all of these requirements.

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