Non-Ferrous Board Level EMI Shields

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Non-Ferrous Board Level EMI Shields

SnapShot EMI shields are thermoformed from a thin, metallized engineering polymer, which results in a a non-ferrous board level EMI shield.  The metallization is comprised of a very small quantity nickel and tin making it feasible for use within the magnetic fields of MRI environments.  This can allow shielding to be deployed in parts of the device that were not previously considered viable, due to the ferromagnetic properties of most traditional shielding products available.

As an example, analog to digital converters (ADCs) require isolation to perform effectively.  A significant image quality improvement can be obtained by converting the signal closer to the antenna to avoid losses incurred in transmission to the shielded control instrumentation.  By using SnapShot board level shields to shield the ADCs at the antenna (within the magnetic field) a much higher image quality can be achieved.

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