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SnapShot® EMI Shields for Avionics

SnapShot® board level EMI shields have been used in avionics applications for over 20 years with no reported failures. Mitigating electromagnetic interference within an avionics system is obviously super critical given the amount of sensitive electronics and safety concerns within an aircraft application.


As with any safety related electronic device, thorough testing and inspection of the circuity for both electrical and mechanical performance is required. In order to effectively perform this inspection, it is important the components and solder joints on the PCB are accessible for viewing by QA personal and any automated optical inspection equipment. The SnapShot EMI shield is installed after reflow with no additional heat to the PCB required. This allows for totally unobstructed view to the componentry and a shield installation that poses no risk to damaging any of the components or solder joints.

SnapShot shields have also been thoroughly tested and validated against thermal shock, mechanical shock, and bump and vibration both in the lab and in the field.

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