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SnapShot® EMI Shields for Game Consoles

Today’s game consoles have come along way from the days of the Atari box that came with bundles of wires for controllers and connections to the TV. Now, game consoles operate almost completely without wires and have functionality that could not be imagined 20 years ago. The console connects to the internet by Wi-Fi and also connects to the controllers wirelessly. At the same time, the capability of the games includes lifelike images and the ability to play games with competitors across the globe.

The tremendous amount of electronic processing occurring during game play and the need for multiple types of wireless connectivity are at odds with each other. The electronic circuitry creates electromagnetic interference (EMI), which disrupts the wireless signals being transmitted and received. So, this EMI must be eliminated in order for the console to function properly. The optimal method for isolating this EMI is through the use of board level EMI shields.

SnapShot® board level EMI shields are an ideal solution for game consoles. The shield is installed after reflow of the PCB, which allows for unobstructed inspection of the valuable PCB prior to installing the shield. Although there are some fame and lid style shields that also allow inspection, the frame often obstructs the components along the perimeter and SnapShot outperforms these solutions by 20dB or more in terms of shielding effectiveness.

SnapShot’s multi-cavity capability can also save over 50% in trace width requirement over discrete, traditional board level shielding solutions.

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