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Lightweight Board Level EMI Shields

SnapShot board level EMI shield technology offers the lightest weight board level shield available on the market today. SnapShot shields are based on a thin film of polyetherimide with a density of 1.27 g/cm3. When compared to the density of cold rolled steel at 7.87 g/cm3, it is easy to see why SnapShot shields are 80 to 90 percent lighter weight. The table below shows a comparison of a SnapShot shield and comparable traditional frame and lid style shields.

SnapShot EMI shields are manufactured from a proprietary material comprised of a 0.125mm (5 mils) thick film of polyetherimide that is tin plated to a thickness of 5 microns on one side. This tin plated surface acts as the conductive layer connecting to the ground plane to complete the Faraday cage. And, at only 5 microns thick, this tin plated layer does not add any significant weight to the shield.

This lightweight property of SnapShot board level EMI shields make them ideally suited for applications low weight is a critical design feature such as wearable electronics, drones, all in-flight electronics, handheld radios and handheld computers.

Lightweight Board Level EMI RFI Shields

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