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How PCB Designers Can Achieve Design Freedom with SnapShot® Board Level Shields

The demand for compact, dense, and feature-rich electronic devices is increasing every year. These devices feature printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are designed to meet their stringent performance requirements and comply with codes and rules laid by the Federal Communications Commission. The design process of PCB involves consideration of special features, finishing requirements, enclosure design,…

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Removable Shielding Technologies for PCBs

You must be very creative today to effectively match the shielding solution to the size of the components and circuits on the PCB. Today’s RF engineers are faced with new challenges when designing wireless communications devices. Modern cell phones have incorporated many features such as cameras, large multimedia displays, and multifrequency and multimode operation in…

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Acquisition of Gore SnapShot® EMI Shielding Business by XGR Technologies

SnapShot® board level shields by XGR Technologies were introduced in the market in 2002 by W.L. Gore & Associates. These shields have been successfully installed across industries, including industrial, medical, military, and network computing. XGR Technologies acquired Gore SnapShot® EMI shielding business in 2018. This post offers insights on this acquisition and more. About W.L…

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Electromagnetic Compatibility: Standards, Elements, and Solutions Discussed

Electrical devices operated in close proximity may sometimes interfere with one another. This interference may hamper the signals and create disturbances in their function. For instance, this type of interference may be observed when you keep your mobile phones or GSM sets near the television or a land phone. How to mitigate this type of…

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Know How to Reduce EMI in PCBs with Faraday Cage

Electricity and magnetism are closely associated as the flow of current in a device forms an electromagnetic field around it. Also, a rotating magnetic field produces electric signals. However, the signals coming from two or more electronic devices in close vicinity produce EMI or electromagnetic interference, by mixed signals in each other’s spaces. This can…

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