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“Snapshot® shields are over 10 times lighter than our previous solution. This weight savings lets us increase battery life which is huge for us.”

Vijay S

Portable Military Drones

“The XGR shields are the more economical and desirable solution.”

Russ H.

Military Underwater Sensing Equipment

“SnapShot is the best technical solution. We love the low profile and the ability to effectively use our automated optical inspection.”

Ville M.

Consumer GPS

“The ability to replace eight stamped cans with one SnapShot® shield is saving us a ton of board space”

Dave E.

Industrial Handheld Communications Equipment

“SnapShot is the only board level shield that passed our drop and shock testing.”

Tom C.

Industrial Scanners

“We love the ability to remove and replace the shields multiple times during R&D.”

Jim G.

Military Avionics

“The multi-cavity and low-profile benefits are really important in our application to reduce overall size.”

Larry E.

Consumer Mobile Computing

“Our old solution had cans with tabs that went though the board and we had to hand solder them after testing. The SnapShot shields are saving us a lot of money in time, labor, and yield.”

Bob K.

Military Communications Equipment

“SnapShot® shields enable our medical imaging equipment to have the highest quality image possible.”

Jan V.

Medical Imaging Equipment

“The lightweight, custom shape, and ability to flex are critical in making our headset as comfortable as possible for the user.”

Rob H.

Industrial VR Headset

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