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Surface Mount Shields

As the demand for electronic devices increases, they are susceptible to noise and other effects of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. This is where surface mount PCB shields can help.  Surface mount shields get their name from the method of mounting. These shields are directly mounted onto the PCB surface and provide protection from noise. Our PCB shields are reliable and can be customized with or without holes for heat dissipation. These surface mount shields can be easily removed and replaced with no additional heating for quick repair and inspection. We have been delivering custom surface mount shields for applications across virtually every industry.

SnapShot board level EMI/RFI shields are uniquely engineered to be exceptional surface mount shields to solve your PCB EMI challenges. SnapShot surface mount shields are attached to the PCB through a unique system where the shield is “snapped” over small diameter solder spheres attached to the surface of the PCB during reflow.

Unlike other surface mount shields, SnapShot EMI/RFI shields are custom designed for your unique application. SnapShot EMI shields can also be designed with multiple cavities, which can save over 50% in trace width requirement compared to other shielding technologies. Combining the custom design to minimize board space required along with the multi-cavity capability results in the lowest board space requirement for meeting your surface mount shield requirements.

Difference between SMT and SMD Shields

SMD (Surface Mount Device) shields and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) shields are related terms but refer to slightly different concepts in the context of electronics manufacturing.

SMD Shield: This typically refers to a shield or cover that is itself a surface mount device. These shields are small, often metallic, components that are soldered directly onto the PCB to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for sensitive components. SMD shields are designed to be compatible with surface mount assembly processes.

SMT Shield: SMT, or Surface Mount Technology, is a broader term that encompasses the entire process of mounting and soldering components onto a PCB's surface. An SMT shield could refer to any shield or cover that is mounted using surface mount technology, whether it is an SMD shield or a larger shield that covers multiple components. SMT shields come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from simple rectangular covers to more complex designs tailored to specific components or circuits.

In summary, while SMD shields are a specific type of shield that is surface mountable, SMT shields refer more generally to shields that are mounted using surface mount technology, which could include SMD shields as well as other types of shields.

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