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SnapShot® EMI Shields for Mobile Computing

Mobile computers are becoming increasingly popular, especially as the traditional workspace has evolved to a work from anywhere model. Mobile computing in the military has also increased as technology on the battlefield has become more critical. A mobile computer has become the new paper notebook for students at virtually all levels. In any of these applications, durability and lightweight are extremely valuable properties of a mobile computer.

Mobile Computing

As with almost all modern electronics, mobile computers are full of capability and wireless functions. Unfortunately, all of this capability comes with a price tag of a tremendous amount of electrical noise being generated internally on the device PCB. If this noise, or EMI, is not mitigated, the computer will not function properly and the wireless transmission and reception signals will be lost.

To mitigate the internal EMI noise generated by the electrical circuits, board level EMI shielding is required. SnapShot® board level EMI shields offer the ideal solution due to the extreme durability, super lightweight, and space saving properties.

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