Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings in Military Communications Equipment with SnapShot EMI Shields

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Case Study:Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings in Military Communications Equipment with SnapShot EMI Shields

Introduction: In the fast-paced world of military communications equipment, reliability, performance, and efficiency are of paramount importance. As technology advances, engineers and manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to address challenges and enhance product quality. This case study delves into how a company in the military communications sector transformed their production process and achieved significant cost savings and operational efficiency with SnapShot® EMI Shields

The Challenge:: The company, specializing in military communications equipment, faced a common challenge encountered by many in the industry. Their previous solution utilized traditional cans with tabs that had to be soldered by hand after testing. This labor-intensive process not only consumed valuable time but also required additional resources for hand soldering, leading to higher production costs and reduced yield.

Additionally, the conventional cans with tabs that went through the board posed potential reliability issues, affecting the overall performance and longevity of their products. The company recognized the need for an advanced solution that could optimize their production process, improve product reliability, and reduce operational expenses.

The SnapShot® EMI Shield Solution:

Upon evaluating alternatives, the company turned to SnapShot EMI shields, a cutting-edge innovation designed to address the unique needs of the electronics industry. These board-level shields provided a revolutionary solution, eliminating the need for hand soldering and streamlining the assembly process.

The SnapShot EMI shields are designed with a unique removable and replaceable feature. This game-changing attribute allows for easy installation and removal during the testing and assembly phases. The shields' multi-cavity and low-profile benefits were particularly appealing, as they reduced the overall size and weight of the communication equipment, a crucial factor in military applications.

Implementation and Results:

After adopting the SnapShot EMI shields, the company experienced a remarkable transformation in their production process and overall product quality. The shields' unique design facilitated a seamless testing and assembly process, eliminating the need for hand soldering and minimizing the risk of human error.

The team of engineers found the SnapShot EMI shields to be incredibly easy to install and remove, significantly reducing the time required for testing and assembly. As a result, the company observed a notable increase in productivity and operational efficiency, leading to faster production cycles and quicker time-to-market for their military communications equipment.

Moreover, the multi-cavity feature of the SnapShot EMI shields allowed the company to optimize their product design, making the communication equipment more compact and lightweight without compromising on performance or reliability. This reduction in size had a positive impact on transportation costs and storage space, further contributing to cost savings.


In conclusion, the adoption of SnapShot EMI shields proved to be a game-changer for the company in the military communications sector. By replacing the old solution with the innovative SnapShot EMI shields, the company achieved substantial cost savings in time, labor, and yield. The shields' user-friendly design streamlined the production process, enhancing operational efficiency, and enabling quicker time-to-market.

With the assurance of reliable and high-performance products, the company strengthened its position in the competitive military communications market, earning the trust and loyalty of its customers. The successful integration of SnapShot EMI shields showcases the transformative power of advanced solutions in optimizing production processes and elevating product quality in the electronics industry.