Enhancing Medical Imaging Equipment with SnapShot® EMI Shields for Optimal Image Quality

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Case Study: Enhancing Medical Imaging Equipment with SnapShot® EMI Shields for Optimal Image Quality

Introduction: Medical imaging equipment plays a crucial role in modern healthcare, enabling accurate diagnoses and informed treatment decisions. To meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality medical imaging, manufacturers continually seek innovative solutions to optimize equipment performance. This case study explores how one company in the medical imaging industry leveraged SnapShot® EMI Shields to achieve the highest quality images and improve patient care.

The Challenge:: The company, a leading manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, faced the challenge of electromagnetic interference (EMI) affecting the imaging process. As medical imaging relies on precision and accuracy, even the slightest interference could compromise the quality of the images obtained. EMI interference could lead to artifacts, distortions, and reduced signal-to-noise ratios, affecting diagnostic accuracy and overall image quality.

To maintain their position as a trusted provider of medical imaging solutions, the company recognized the need for an advanced solution that could effectively mitigate EMI interference, ensuring the highest image quality possible.

The SnapShot® EMI Shield Solution:

Upon extensive research and consultation with industry experts, the company discovered SnapShot® EMI shields, a state-of-the-art technology designed specifically to address EMI-related challenges in electronics and medical equipment. These board-level shields provided a novel solution to protect sensitive components from external EMI sources.

The SnapShot® EMI shields are unique because they are highly effective at shielding EMI and they are NON-FERROUS. This means the shield can be located at the source of the interference within the magnetic field of MRI equipment. By isolating the critical components at the source, SnapShot enables the highest image quality possible.

Implementation and Results:

The company eagerly embraced the SnapShot® EMI shields, integrating them into their medical imaging equipment during the manufacturing process. The installation of the shields was seamless, thanks to their user-friendly design and customizable options that perfectly fit the unique requirements of the equipment.

The implementation of SnapShot® EMI shields at the source of the interference within the head of the MRI equipment immediately produced remarkable results. The shields provided robust EMI protection, ensuring that the medical imaging equipment operated in an electromagnetically clean environment. As a result, the company witnessed a significant reduction in image artifacts and distortions, leading to images of exceptional clarity and resolution.

The improved image quality positively impacted the accuracy of diagnoses, enabling healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions about patient care. The high-quality images not only enhanced diagnostic capabilities but also increased patient comfort during imaging procedures, as fewer repeat scans were necessary.


In conclusion, the incorporation of non-ferrous SnapShot® EMI shields revolutionized the medical imaging equipment manufactured by the company. By effectively addressing EMI interference, the shields enabled the equipment to produce the highest quality images possible, elevating diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

With SnapShot® EMI shields as a reliable solution for EMI protection, the company solidified its reputation as an industry leader in medical imaging solutions. The enhanced image quality and diagnostic capabilities furthered the company's commitment to improving patient outcomes and delivering exceptional healthcare services.