Ensuring Robustness and Reliability in Industrial Scanners with SnapShot® EMI Shields

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Case Study: Ensuring Robustness and Reliability in Industrial Scanners with SnapShot® EMI Shields

Introduction: Industrial scanners are integral tools in a wide range of industries, enabling efficient data collection and process automation. In demanding industrial environments, these scanners must withstand challenging conditions, including mechanical shocks and drops. This case study explores how SnapShot® EMI Shields proved to be the ultimate solution for a company in the industrial scanning industry, passing rigorous drop and shock testing while ensuring unparalleled performance and durability.

The Challenge:: The company, a leading manufacturer of industrial scanners, faced the critical challenge of safeguarding their devices against mechanical shocks and drops. In industrial settings, scanners are often exposed to rough handling, accidental drops, and various mechanical stresses. Ensuring the scanners' integrity and performance under such conditions was paramount to meeting customer expectations and industry standards.

Traditional board-level shields were insufficient in mitigating the mechanical stresses, leaving the scanners vulnerable to damage during testing and real-world scenarios. The company sought a robust and reliable solution that would not only provide effective EMI shielding but also reinforce the scanners' structural integrity against mechanical shocks and drops.

The SnapShot® EMI Shield Solution:

In their pursuit of the ideal solution, the company discovered SnapShot® EMI Shields, an advanced technology that offered the perfect balance of EMI protection and mechanical durability. These innovative shields feature a unique multi-cavity design and are manufactured using robust lightweight, metallized plastic material, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

The SnapShot® EMI Shields' multi-cavity design allowed them to envelope and protect individual components on the printed circuit boards, effectively shielding them from electromagnetic interference. Moreover, the shields' exceptional mechanical enabled the shield to remain in-tact and effective through all shock and vibration events, enhancing the scanners' ability to withstand mechanical shocks and drops.

Implementation and Results:

The integration of SnapShot® EMI Shields into the industrial scanners proved to be transformative. The shields were the ONLY board level shield solution to successfully pass the rigorous drop and shock testing, exceeding industry standards and validating their mechanical durability. During the testing phase, the scanners equipped with SnapShot® EMI Shields demonstrated remarkable resilience, withstanding various simulated impact scenarios without compromising their structural integrity or functionality.

Beyond their mechanical durability, the SnapShot® EMI Shields provided robust EMI protection, ensuring the scanners' reliable performance in electromagnetically challenging environments. The multi-cavity design offered precise isolation of critical components, minimizing the risk of interference and optimizing signal integrity.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of SnapShot® EMI Shields into the scanners streamlined the manufacturing process, saving valuable time and reducing costs. The company appreciated the ease of installation, which contributed to increased production efficiency and improved time-to-market for their industrial scanners.


In conclusion, the integration of SnapShot® EMI Shields elevated the industrial scanners offered by the company to unmatched levels of robustness, reliability, and performance. By passing rigorous drop and shock testing, the shields demonstrated their exceptional mechanical durability, reinforcing the scanners' resilience in demanding industrial environments.

With SnapShot® EMI Shields as a critical component, the company solidified its position as a trusted provider of industrial scanning solutions. The shields' superior EMI protection and structural reinforcement empowered the scanners to excel in challenging environments, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and greater market success.