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Case Study: : Revolutionizing Consumer GPS Devices with SnapShot EMI Shield

Introduction: Consumer GPS devices have become integral to everyday navigation and location-based services. In this case study, we explore the experiences of a professional in the consumer GPS industry, and how the implementation of SnapShot EMI Shield transformed their product line. We delve into the technical superiority of SnapShot EMI Shield, its low-profile design, and its seamless integration with automated optical inspection, resulting in enhanced performance and production efficiency for their consumer GPS devices.

Background: These devices are widely used by individuals and organizations for accurate positioning, navigation, and location-based applications. To maintain a competitive edge in the market, this customer needed a technical solution that would elevate their GPS devices to new heights of performance and quality.

Challenges Faced:: Prior to implementing SnapShot EMI Shield, the team faced challenges that affected their product's performance and production processes. They struggled to find a suitable EMI shielding solution that could meet their requirements for technical excellence, compactness, and compatibility with automated optical inspection. These challenges hindered their ability to deliver high-quality GPS devices that met customer expectations.

Implementation of SnapShot EMI Shield::

To overcome these challenges, this team discovered SnapShot EMI Shield—a state-of-the-art technical solution designed to enhance EMI shielding performance while offering a low-profile design. Recognizing its potential, they decided to integrate SnapShot EMI Shield into their consumer GPS devices.

Results and Benefits:
Low Profile and Improved Inspection Capability:

The implementation of SnapShot EMI Shield proved to be the best technical solution for this project. Its advanced EMI shielding capabilities effectively mitigated electromagnetic interference, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy of the consumer GPS devices. SnapShot EMI Shield surpassed their expectations by delivering superior technical excellence and reliable EMI protection.

Low Profile Design:

One of the key advantages of SnapShot EMI Shield was its low-profile design. The compact form factor seamlessly integrated with the consumer GPS devices, preserving their sleek and modern appearance. The low-profile design not only enhanced the aesthetics but also facilitated ease of installation and ensured compatibility with various product designs and sizes.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Integration:

SnapShot EMI Shield's compatibility with automated optical inspection systems brought significant benefits to the production process. The shield seamlessly integrated with their existing AOI infrastructure, enabling efficient and accurate inspection of the devices. The integration streamlined the inspection workflow, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors, leading to improved overall product quality and production efficiency.

Enhanced Product Performance:

With the implementation of SnapShot EMI Shield, this team witnessed a remarkable improvement in the performance of their consumer GPS devices. The shield's superior EMI protection ensured uninterrupted signal reception, resulting in enhanced positioning accuracy and reliable navigation experiences for users. The enhanced product performance led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The implementation of SnapShot EMI Shield revolutionized the consumer GPS industry, empowering this customer to offer GPS devices with exceptional technical capabilities, a low-profile design, and efficient automated optical inspection. The shield's technical excellence ensured optimal EMI protection, enhancing the performance and accuracy of the devices. The low-profile design seamlessly integrated with various product designs while maintaining their aesthetics. Furthermore, the shield's compatibility with automated optical inspection streamlined the production process, improving product quality and production efficiency. This case study highlights the pivotal role played by SnapShot EMI Shield in elevating the performance and desirability of consumer GPS devices, positioning this customer as industry leaders in delivering top-quality GPS solutions..