Unlocking Extended Battery Life in Portable Military Drones with Lightweight Snapshot® Shields

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Case Study: Unlocking Extended Battery Life in Portable Military Drones with Lightweight Snapshot® Shields

Introduction: Portable military drones have revolutionized military operations, providing valuable aerial reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. In this case study, how the adoption of lightweight Snapshot® EMI shields transformed one companies drone technology. Specifically, we examine the significant weight reduction achieved through Snapshot® EMI Shields and the subsequent impact on battery life, a critical factor for operational success.

Background: Drones are essential for gathering real-time intelligence, monitoring enemy movements, and ensuring the safety of military personnel. However, the weight of the drones and associated equipment presented challenges, particularly in terms of battery life.

Challenges Faced::Before integrating Snapshot® EMI shields into their drones, the manufacture encountered significant challenges related to weight and battery life. The previous EMI shielding solution was considerably heavy, limiting the amount of flight time the drones could achieve. This constraint severely impacted operational efficiency and restricted the team's ability to carry out prolonged missions effectively.

Implementation of Lightweight Snapshot® EMI Shields:

To address these challenges, the manufacture sought innovative solutions that could reduce weight without compromising performance. After thorough research, his team discovered the lightweight Snapshot® shields, specifically designed to offer superior protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) while significantly reducing weight.

Results and Benefits:

Weight Reduction: The integration of Snapshot® EMI shields resulted in a remarkable weight reduction compared to the previous shielding solution. The new shields were over 10 times lighter, the manufacture to optimize the overall weight distribution of the drones. This weight reduction had a cascading effect on various aspects, particularly the battery life. The SnapShot board level shields provides the most lightweight option currently available in the market. A comparison between a SnapShot EMI shield and a similar shield designed with a frame and lid style is illustrated in the table below..

Extended Battery Life:

The reduced weight of the Snapshot® shields had a direct impact on the drones' battery life. By significantly lightening the load, the drones consumed less power during flight operations. This extended battery life translated into increased flight time, allowing the drones to remain airborne for more extended periods. The ability to cover larger areas and conduct extended surveillance missions greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the portable military drones.

Operational Flexibility:

The extended battery life resulting from the lightweight Snapshot® shields offered the manufacture greater operational flexibility. They could now execute missions that required prolonged flight durations, monitor critical areas for an extended period, and respond to dynamic situations effectively. This newfound operational flexibility significantly improved the team's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and achieve mission objectives.


The adoption of lightweight Snapshot® shields revolutionized the field of portable military drones by unlocking extended battery life, a crucial factor for operational success. The manufacture successfully overcame weight limitations and significantly increased flight time through the integration of these innovative shields. The substantial weight reduction provided by the Snapshot® shields allowed for optimized battery usage, enabling prolonged and more effective drone operations. This case study highlights the critical role that lightweight shielding solutions like Snapshot® shields play in enhancing the capabilities and performance of portable military drones, ultimately empowering military personnel with improved situational awareness and operational effectiveness.